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arm yet. Foot-and-mouth diseas▓e found in ShanghaiDrought conditions ▓in China's southwestern region are affect▓ing more than 61 million people. 18 million of them are suffering from a shortage of drinking water. Drought control author▓ities and local governments have launched an immediate initiative, to look

for new water sou▓rces. Yunnan province has been seriously hit by the drought.▓ Xinguang village has become the first place in the province to benefit from the new initia▓tive. Its deep underground well has now starte▓d to pump water. Li Zhangcai, engineer of Yunnan Geological Survey & Design Institute, said, "We located the position for the well on▓ March 4th. The next day, all equipment had been p▓ut in place. " Villager said, "I'm so happy to see the new water resource." The deep well is able to p▓rovide drinking water for 2,000 people▓ and more than 33 hundred cattle. Ba

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ngzhai villagers in Guizhou province are facing the difficulty of accessing water as well. Villagers h▓ad to spend half a day climbing down the mountain to find wate

r. After detecting it, the local govern▓ment decided to build a water station for villagers. Local official Ni Zhijun said, "The capacity of the impending reservoir is around 150 cubic meters which can provide fresh water for residents and cattle and ensure some a▓gricultural irrigation." Since the village is located in a mountain area, heavy machin▓ery

cannot be used. Workers have to set up all the equipment by hand. The total investment in the wat▓er station has reached 11 million yuan. On completion, it ▓can ensure drinking water for 16,000 people and 1,200 cattle.  Heavy snow and strong win▓ds in the northern part of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region have caused temperatures to plummet▓ by 12 t

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o 18 degrees Celsius.The snowstorm has re▓sulted in highway disruptions. In the ea▓stern part, seven mil

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lion cattle are affected by the sever▓e weather. There's a shortfall of up to seven-hundred thousands t

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ons of cattle feed.Meanwhile, the first emer▓gency cattle feed from Gansu Province arrived in Xinjiang

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on Thursday morning. It will be distributed to the counties and cities of Altay Prefecture.Gansu plans

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to provide a total of two thousands ton▓s of feed to Xinjiang.BEIJING, Jan. 15 (Xinhua) -- The

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    Ministry of Agriculture on Friday said foot-and-mouth disease involving 28 cattle hit Korla▓ c

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    the statement said. Foot-and-mouth disease is a highly contagio▓us and sometimes fatal epidemic

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  • egislators expressed concern over the proliferation of small arms in the eastern Africa region▓ which has fueled commercialized cattle raids. The t
  • wo states, they demanded should develop a network to tr▓ace the sources and those behind smuggling of weapons to the region. "The two governments s
  • hould utilize intelligence agencies to network and destroy the weapon syndicate smuggled into the regio▓n," urged Julius Murgor, MP for K
  • apenguria. The legislators observed that the areas along the border have had its development ruined by the persistent raids and banditr▓y with famili
  • es left in pangs of ravaging poverty. Rift Valley Provincial Commissioner (PC) Hassan Noor who represented Kenya's Inte▓rnal Security Min
  • ister Prof. George▓ Saitoti challenged the MPs to be sincere in their quest to restore peace in the region. The Ministry of Labor and▓ Social


  • Security and the International Labor Or▓ganization have teamed up to train returning mig▓rant workers in their hometowns. The first 2009 Start Your Bu
  • siness--SYB--training co▓urse began this week in Wuhan, the capital of central China鈥檚 Hubei Province. Hu Li ha▓s the details. One of the trainees at
  • the Xinzhou Employment Training Center is Shen Hongmei, who rais▓es beef cattle. When she found out about the SYB course, she knew it was for her. farmer Shen Hongmei said, 鈥淚 was here two days ago to learn co
  • mputer skills and by accident found the SYB class. The vivid case and in-depth analysis were so▓ attractive that I even forgot to pi▓ck up my child from s
  • chool.鈥?Shen Hongmei鈥檚 cattle farm▓
  • didn鈥檛 make much money last year, partly due t

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China's Shangh ai, said the Ministry of Agric▓ulture o n Wednesday.On Feb . 3, 41 milch cow de veloped the sy mptom of foot- and-mouth disease in the Wusi ca ttle farm in Fengxia n district on the outski rts of Shangha i, while the disease was confirmed by natio▓nal lab on Wednesday. E mergency measures were taken ▓and some 440 cows in the cattle farm were cul 阿鲁科尔沁旗5G 清河县wap 化州市5G 成都市5G 利辛县wap 福建5G 榆树市5G 黎平县5G 石城县5G 察哈尔右翼中旗wap 红河县wap 永新县wap 苍梧县5G 德兴市wap 若尔盖县5G 磴口县wap 秀山土家族苗族自治县5G 辛集市5G 东宁县5G 新余市5G 新开传奇私服手游互通版 热血传奇私服脱机挂 传奇私服变态版本 传奇私服185合成手游 传奇私服暗黑版本网站 超级变态传奇私服网站新开网 传奇私服脱机挂哪个好 传奇私服迷失版本攻略 新开网通传奇私服发布网 单职业变态传奇私服